Elephant Museum – Yangon Zoo

Elephant Museum

The objectives of Elephant Museum in Myanmar are:   

  1.  To protect and preserve the wild elephants living in natural forest areas of Myanmar
  2.  To reduce conflict between humans and elephants
  3.  To raise awareness and encourage public participation in the protection of elephants and thier parts
  4.  to provide information on the process of managing domestic elephants
  5.  To raise awareness of the nature and behaviour of elephants and the relationship between human beings and elephants

The following exhibitions can be enjoyed in the Museum-

  • Habitats of Asian Elephants
  • Habitats of wild elephants in Myanmar
  • Nature behaviours and habits of Asian Elephants, includinf the comparison between footprints of elephant and a human being
  • Evolution of the Elephant
  • Importance of Elephants in Monarchical Myanmar, showing how revered elephants were by Myanmar Kings and how they were used in various sectors throughout different eras
  • The dangers Myanmar Wild Elephants face because of poaching ivory and its parts
  • Hunting of Elephants and the illegal trade of elephant body parts globally, as well as offences and penalties of such crimes
  • The collaboration of the government, international organizations, and the public to protect wild elephants in order to prevent extinction
  • Tracking wild elephants using modern instruments
  • The measure that the government takes to protect wild elephants and resolve human-elephant conflicts

The following materials will be shown in the exhibition-

  • Elephant fossils
  • A pair of ivory tusks form Nivana potsya Sadan Elephant(Elephant King)
  • Eqipment used to control elephants
  • The skeleton of an old elepjant
  • Camera traps and Radio collars
  • Handmade Myanmar crafts composed of ivory and elephant bones, which are banned from tade
  • Miniature Model of a dead poached elephant
  • A library containg bookd on elephants

In Exhibition, visitors will be allowed to participle in the following activities-

  • Comparing footprint of elephants and human beings
  • Hands-on exhibit where visitors are able to feel parts of an elephant(elephant tusk, elephant teeth, and skin)
  • Answering an educative questionnaire to receive a fun prize!
  • Take photos while wearing ranger and mahout clothing
  • Take memorical photo at photo booth

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