The Carnivora House – Yangon Zoo

The Carnivora House

The Carnivora House in the compound of Yangon Zoological Gardens was officially declared a heritage building and was installed on October 14, 2018 with a Blue Plaque commemorative. The house, built in 1915, is one of Yangon Zoo's oldest buildings, which started activities in 1901 in honor of Queen Victoria as the Victoria Memorial Park and Zoological Gardens. For 120 years, Myanmar has been a British colony. A fund was set up to erect a monument as a monument to the late king after King Edward VII's death. The memorial fund's surplus was then donated to the building of the Victoria Memorial Park and Zoological Gardens with a signed enclosure: the Carnivora House of King Edward VII in 1915 The sign is still visible today. The Carnivora House was used to house tigers, and it is now home to a number of white tigers. As part of the attempts of the Yangon Heritage Trust to highlight historic houses and distinguished citizens who contributed to the city's narrative, the commemorative Blue Plaque stands. The Trust thinks the Blue Plaque will make the history of Yangon available to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 

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