Zipline – Yangon Zoo


This is the first adventure activity that can enjoy in Yangon Zoo. Zipline tower which is 20 meters of high in one tower and 17.5 meters of high in another tower. The zipline is 167.3 meters long, hanged by two steel cables that allow up to 250lb in weight so two people can enjoy at a time.

Aside from the zip-line, you can satisfy other adventures like Quick Jump, Wall Climbing and Tree Climbing. People who interesting in freefall excitement, it is the right place for good experiences. It is provided to take a leap from 15 meters above the ground. However, allowed only for people who weight within the provided range between 45kg and 111kg.For those who intend to practice for their body muscle strength and accquire high climbing experiences, take a Wall Climbing or Tree Climbing experiences. There is some safety instruction guide before taking any adventures.

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