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Animal Feeding Program Available

You can now feed the animals at Yangon Zoo by yourself. The purpose of this program is to let animal lovers meet adorable animals of Yangon Zoo. Everyone must wear masks and follow the social distancing as announced by the Ministry of Health and Sports. Only 2 groups are allowed per day: one in the morning and one in the evening. The morning group can feed between 8:30 to 9:00 am and the evening group between 2:00 to 2:30 pm....

New Baby Gnu(Wildebeest) Born

Today (24.5.2010), is a beautiful morning of Yangon Zoo because a wildlife animal Gnu(wildebeest) was born a baby calf after a gestation period about eight months. So far, both baby and mother are healthy. Normally, new born calf learns to walk within minutes of birth and in a few days they are part of the herd, walking alongside their mother. Take a look the calf while zoo will reopen.

Appreciate to Everyone

Special thanks to each and everyone who cooperates in the first “Animals Adoption Program”.

Happy Birthday, Momo!

Today is the 67th birthday of Momo, the beloved of Myanmar. This year, we are celebrating Mo Mo’s birthday party with Yangon Zoo officials, employees without performances, games and her fans due to Covid. Kindly see the LIVE celebration of Mo Mo Birthday. We wish Mo Mo a lot of fun & healthy with her lovers from this 67th birthday to many years!!!

Donate Animal Food Through OnePay App

The Yangon Zoo would like to special thanks to all the animal lovers who have generously donated so far for the animals of Yangon Zoo. The good news is that you can easily donate to adorable animals as much as you can from the OnePay mobile app. If you have not installed the OnePay app yet, you can easily download and install the below links. 📲Playstore: Click Here📲App Store: Click Here

Animal Feeding Tour

Yangon Zoo has not yet reopened, but we would like to introduce the Feeding Tour for you, to come and feed the animals during the holidays in accordance with the health guidelines. Four groups per day will be allowed to visit, with a maximum of five people per group for this Feeding Tour and you must arrive at 8:30 AM at Yangon Zoo. We will provide a guide and buggy for you. You can feed yourself Hippo, Bear, Deer and...

We are reopen soon!

Do you miss the adorable animals in Yangon Zoo… Don’t worry! Yangon Zoo will reopen soon in accordance with health guidelines. Please tell us which animal do you miss most..

Meet with Mo Mo

Can't wait to see Mo Mo?? 🐘🥰 So, there is a special “Meet with Mo Mo Tour” program for Mo Mo lovers who miss Mo Mo and get to meet with Mo Mo. “Meet with Mo Mo Tour” program package includes the following services Entrance fees Buggy Service One basket of food for Mo Mo It costs only 30,000 Kyats and a tour package can accommodate up to 6 people. Although the Yangon Zoo has not reopened yet, visitors with...

Incredible facts about animals(1)

We would like to share incredible facts about our lovely animals, to get to know them better and get closer to them. While it is commonly believed that animals live longer in zoo than in the wild, we are protecting many endangered species at Yangon Zoo as part of maintaining the ecosystem too. If you want to support and give a helping hand for endangered species, it’s easy to donate through Onepay now.

Let's Create Safe Place Together

We’ve got vaccinated for the safety of our animals & visitors!

Private Tour Program

Our Zoo temporary closed but we provide a special private program for those animals lovers who missing our animals. We limit 2 to 10 person per group and one day prebooking require. Additionally,you can buy animals food basket that can feed during 9 to 10 AM( Animals feeding Time). In Private Tour Package: 🎟 Entrance Ticket 🕰 2 Hours visiting pass 🛺 Free Buggy 💸 Price - 5000 MMK per person 📞 For your Booking : 09262499324

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