About – Yangon Zoo


In 1901, Yangon Zoological Gardens was founded by the funded money of 240,000Kyats of public and was developed at the present location after clearing 61 acres of virgin soil. In 25th January 1906, it was formally opened and named as Victoria Memorial Park and Zoological Gardens in honor of Queen Victoria. Aside from the zoo, there is two remarkable museums was located inside the zoo. Natural Museum, was opened on 1st May 1966 and Elephant Museum, was opened in 3rd March 2019.


 -(45) species of Mammals

-(72) species of Aves

-(19) species of Reptiles


-Total (182) kinds of Tree and Small Trees

-Total (19) kinds of Palms and Pseudo-palms

-Total (22) kinds of Bamboos and Grasses

-Total (76) kinds of Shrubs, Herbs and Climbers

-Total (48) kinds of Seasonal flowers

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