Mo Mo – Yangon Zoo

Mo Mo

Mo Mo was  entered captivity at the age of seven when she was found lost in the forest by a lumberjack named U Khun Sanda, separated from her family. She was originally taught to work in logging, but finally her people chose to send her to the Yangon Zoological Garden, where she became famous. Mo Mo, an Asian female elephant, has conducted dance and football skills for tourists for almost 55 years after she was donated to the zoo In 1994 and 1996, she took part in parades held to celebrate the arrival of a Chinese Buddha tooth relic. In 1997, she survived severe stomach disease, but otherwise her health is supposedly good. The age of 64 is quite ancient. Humans would have hair turning white and loosing teeth, but that is still not so for Mo Mo. It is actually quite important for elephants to have their teeth intact because when they eat, they have to be able to grind it down in their mouth. Otherwise, from indigestion, they risk dying. Mo Mo is one of the elephants ' fortunate ones. Her karma is unparalleled. She has no diseases to talk about, and even after so long, she is still loved by individuals.

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