Animal Feeding Tour – Yangon Zoo

Yangon Zoo has not yet reopened, but we would like to introduce the Feeding Tour for you, to come and feed the animals during the holidays in accordance with the health guidelines. Four groups per day will be allowed to visit, with a maximum of five people per group for this Feeding Tour and you must arrive at 8:30 AM at Yangon Zoo. We will provide a guide and buggy for you. You can feed yourself Hippo, Bear, Deer and Elephants. And you can enjoy the feeding by the Yangon Zoo staff for other animals. After that, the Yangon Zoo will give certificates to the Feeding Tour groups. If you are interested in this Feeding Tour, you can pre-register for 2 days in advance starting from December 1st for 250,000 Kyats per group. For more information, please contact Yangon Zoo at 09 682011170, 09 953477763 during office hours.

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